Answer and Question with Amado Vrieswijk

Two weeks ago Amanda Beenen answered all our questions and told us about her favorite songs, Pokémon’s and her personal hero. In this week we questioned 20 years old Amado Vrieswijk from Bonaire, and we got some interesting answers. Or do you know that he lost his equipment on the highway in Germany…

Your biggest challenge in life?

My biggest challenge would be becoming top 5 rider in all 3 disciplines. Freestyle, slalom and wave at the same time.

Beer or Wine?


Campervan or Hotel?


Your most awkward situation?

Driving on the highway in Germany and seeing my board bag flying of the roof in my rear mirror. Luckily nobody was hurt and no damages to my gear.

Germany or Spain?


Your hero and why?

My grandpa! He would move the earth for me. He arranges a lot of things for my travelling and supports me all the way in my passion for windsurfing.

Sweet popcorn or salty popcorn?

Salty popcorn

What makes you different from other athletes?

I don’t think I’m any different from other colleague athletes. We all share the passion for our sport and go all the way to reach to the top.

Chocolate or vanilla pudding?

Vanilla pudding

With whom do you want to change a day?

I live a perfect life and would not change a thing. But if I had to change with someone, I would change with one of the Formula 1 drivers. I love racing, speed and the excitement pushing limits.

What do you do in your training that is key to your success?

Keep myself got. Enjoying every minute and try new moves together with my friends.

Single or in a relationship?


Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle?

Squirtle, had to look it up. Never heard of it.

What would you be today, if you were not an athlete?

I wouldn’t know. All I wanted since my 6th year was windsurfing. But I thought about being a pilot or flight engineer for a while though.

Who is going to be champion of the World Cup in Germany?

Hard to say. We’ll have to see. The level is sky-high. Most important is that we will have wind and a competition can be held in 2016. Looking already forward to it. It’s always great ambiance on Sylt.

Your highlight at the German World Cup?

Winning the tow-in competition in 2015. Great crowd, perfect conditions for tow-in and an awesome feeling to stand on the Sylt-podium for the first time.

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