Answers and Questions with Amanda Beenen

Unlike other windsurfers who start windsurfing in their early childhood, Amanda Beenen only started at the age of 17, but it didn’t take long until she fell in love with this great sport. In 2011, she celebrated her debut at the PWA Wave World Tour and finished in 12th place. In 2014 and 2015 she finished 4th and now she wants to make it to the podium. Reason enough for us to sound her out.

Meat or Vegetables?

If I excursive a lot during the day, Meat & Veggies – If I do little, just veggies!

Campervan or Hotel?

I can enjoy both depending on the location

What is your key to success?

I have a lot of fun!

Your highlight at the German World Cup?

The party, the people and the great vibes!

Get up early or sleep late?

In Europe sleep late, in Hawaii I get up early

How does (in your opinion) a perfect day looks like?

I wake up at dawn, feeling super fit and ready to charge the day. I’ll drive to the beach to catch some waves before the wind starts to come in. After my surf session I’ll go grab an iced vanilla latte and some breakfast. Than I’ll go load up my windsurf gear and go to have a kick ass windsurf session with my friends. We’ll have loads of laughs and ride some nice waves. After that I’ll go grab lunch. Food is very important. And I’ll eat that on the beach. Than the wind dies and I’ll go to a nice clear spot in the ocean and go swimming snorkeling or freediving. In the evening I’ll meet my friends for a fun BBQ and some drinks and I’ll be in bed at 10.30 just so I can do the whole thing again tomorrow.

McDonalds or healthy food?

Hehe… Seems like you found my only weakness – I should say healthy food but man I love that McDonalds!

Single or in a relationship?


Your hero and why?

Levi Siver for his style and JP for the big crazy action.

Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle?

Charmander – everyone loves dragons!

Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat?


Which song do you prefer these days?

At the moment I listen to Drake – on dance & also Beyoncé – Flawless is still on my playlist. If I am chilling I am listening to Iron&Wine – This must be the place. Before windsurfing I’ll listen to Big Wild – After gold.

Your biggest challenge in life?

To not be afraid to fail.

What would you be today, if you were not an athlete?

Either a physiotherapist or doing something with video & media.

What makes you different from other athletes?

I don’t take myself too seriously.

Which three things would you take on a lonely island?

My surfboard, my windsurf gear and my boyfriend 🙂

Who is going to be champion of the World Cup in Germany?

My Belgium buddy Dieter van der Eyken is going to do it again in the Freestyle Slalom Antoine? Wave…hmmm Jaeger! Wave woman… Well, let’s hope I’m getting up there this year!

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