By car:

Because there is no motorway connection between the land and the island, car driver have to take the car train of the Deutsche Bahn or a farry to get to Sylt. The ferry departs in Niebüll (Kurt-Bachmann-Ring 2, 25899 Niebüll)


Car train

•    A7 direction Flendsburg/Kiel
•    Exit 2-Flensburg / Harrislee

•   To B199 direction Handewitt / Niebüll / Leck
•    follow the track to Lack, than turn left

•   look about the signs „Autozug“ and „Sylt“



•    A7 direction Flensburg / Kiel
•    To E45

•   Exit 70 Aabenraa N to route 24 direction Aabenraa / Ribe / Rødekro
•   Take 4th exit (Løgumklostervej/Route 24) in the roundabout traffic.

Pass the roundabout traffic.

•   Take 3th exit (Hellevadvej/Route 429) in the roundabout traffic.

•    Take first exit (Hellevad-Bovvej/Route 175) in the roundabout traffic

Pass 2 roundabout traffics

•    Take 4th exit (Rømøvej/Route 175) in the roundabout traffic.

Pass the roundabout traffic.

  • Turn left to Havnebyvej/Route 175
    •    Turn right to Prilen
  • Turn right to Råbjergvej

•   Take 2nd turnoff (left) to Gl Skinnevej

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By train:

Many German cities are directly connected with the Westerländer railroad station. Simply take one of the regional trains of the Deutsche Bahn or the Nord-Ostsee-Bahn. There is one train connection between Hamburg an Westerland per hour.

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By plane:

The airport Sylt links directly some German cities like Hamburg, Munich, Cologne/Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt/Main, Mannheim, Nuremberg, Basel and Zurich with the North Sea Island. Other connections are from different European cities like London, Paris, Rome and Barcelona.■NISHI(ニシ・スポーツ)■新ルールハンマー6.0kg タングステン■F241A■
パナソニック ルームエアコン Jシリーズ 18畳用 CS-567CJ2-W クリスタルホワイト 【設置工事不可】(代引不可)【ポイント10倍】【smtb-f】
コクヨ SEQUENCE(シークエンス)専用 デスクトップパネル フロントパネル HSNクロス貼り 幅1400mm用 高さ700(机上350)mm【SDV-SE147HSN-N】
BOGLIOLI(ボリオリ)K.JACKETケージャケット ウールモヘアソリッド2Bタキシードスーツ N76P2A/BAP182 17171001052
間仕切 アコーデオンカーテン ドア シックマテリアル(プリエNo.6211)
(業務用30セット) 朝日電器 ELPA LEDランタン DOP-L004L【10P22Jul14】【10P21Aug17】
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