The tour plan of the PWA World Tour 2017

Two new stops – no more competitions in Podersdorf, La Torche and Cold Hawaii

In nearly seven weeks, the PWA World Tour 2017 is going to start and the world’s best slalom racer will compete in the first official competition of the tour. The current world champion Matteo Iachino, Antoine Albeau, Ross Williams and co. will discover a new event spot. First the first time in the history of the PWA World Tour, a competition will take place in Marseille in the south of France. A spot, which offers perfect conditions during springtime. From there, the journey will continues to Korea and then to the “2017 Fly! Ana Windsurfing World Cup” in the Japanese harbor town Yokosuka. Despite the great conditions there were no competitions since the early 90s. Thanks to many sponsors, the fastest windsurfer can fight for the win in Japan. From the 23th of May, the “Canary” weeks will start at the Costa Brava (Slalom) on Gran Canary (Wave), Fuerteventura (Slalom/Freestyle) and on Tenerife.

From the south of Europe, the athletes will travel in the cold north to compete in Hvide Sande (Denmark) and on Sylt. The last event for the waverider will be warmer and take place on Maui. The slalom racer will finish their season in New Caledonia.

We are hoping, that the competitions will be as exciting as last year and we wish all riders an especially the German team good luck.

07. – 12. April:                   Slalom World Cup in Marseille (France)
03. – 08. May:                   Slalom World Cup in Ulsan (Korea)
11. – 16. May:                     Slalom World Cup Yokosuka (Japan)
23. – 28. May:                    Slalom World Cup Costa Brava (Spain)
09. – 15. July:                    Wave World Cup Gran Canaria (Spain)
21. – 31 July:                      Freestyle/Slalom World Cup Fuerteventura (Spain)
06. – 12. August:               Wave World Cup Teneriffa (Spain)
09. – 14 September:         Slalom World Cup Hvide Sande (Denemark)
29.09 – 08.10:                    Super Grand Slam Sylt (Germany)
29.10 – 12.11:                      Wave World Cup Maui (USA)
21. – 26.11:                          Slalom World Cup Nouméa (New Caledonia)

The year of Sarah-Quita Offringa

She started windsurfing when she was three years old. Now, 21 years and ten world championship titles later, she is one of the best female windsurfer in history. We had the chance to ask her some questions about her rivals, her greatest moments in 2015 and the idea to starts in the men’s field.

Hey Sarah-Quita, first of all congratulations. World champion in freestyle and slalom and a third place in wave. We would say 2015 was your year. Especially in freestyle you are nearly unbeatable. You are world champion eight years in a row now. What’s your secret?

I love what I do. Freestyle is still my biggest passion in windsurfing. Sadly there are not that many events, so instead of focusing on winning competitions I just focus on progressing and being the best that I can.

“To compete with the men’s field would be a great challenge”

Most people will put their bets on you when it comes to a competition. How you deal with it?

It is a bit harder now because people expect you to win, so that adds a little pressure, but I just have to remind myself that I’m not doing it for them, but for myself. Also, there are a couple of girls now that are really pushing, and that motivates me to do better as well.

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The 2014 PWA World Tour

On 27th of May, the slalom riders opened up the PWA World Tour 2014 at the Costa Brava. Now, nearly a half year later, the same slalom riders completed the last World Cup of the season in New Caledonia.

During the six month, the wave riders competed seven, the slalom riders eight and the freestyler four times and even if the wind conditions were not ideal sometimes, all competitions were really exciting.

Looking at the six new world champions it is safe to say that the French riders dominated the 2014 World Tour winning three of six championships. In slalom, Antoine Albeau could make it with a slight edge leaving his compatriot Cyril Moussilmani behind him. For Albeau it was the 9th world championship in his career. Winner of the women`s slalom championship became Delphine Cousin from France, who could successfully defend her title.

In waveriding, also a French man could celebrate his. Thomas Traversa. After the 28-years old ended up 9th in the first world cup, he could finish in second place in three events and he managed to win the World Cup in Klitmøller. After the victory in Klitmøller, he was able to bump Victor Fernandez Lopez from the first place and finally win his first world championship. The lady’s competitions for sure was dominated by the Moreno twins and finally Iballa became new world champion. For 37-years old Iballa, it’s the third world championship title.

The world champion in freestyle was crowned at the DAVIDOFF Cool Water Windsurf World Cup on Sylt and his name is Jose “Gollito” Estredo, who won his fifth title. After Kiri Thode could defeat the leading position for three month, Estredo beat him at the freestyler’s final event in Germany and became world champion. Kiri Thode ended up third at least. The women’s freestyle competitions were dominated by a 24-years old lady from Bonaire. Sarah-Quita Offringa celebrated her 7th world championship title on Sylt. In addition she ended up 7th in the slalom overall ranking and she became 6th in wave.

While the organizers of the PWA World Tour are planning the next season, the athletes have enough time to relax and recharge their batteries. But we are sure, that most of them are standing on their boards right now.