The tour plan of the PWA World Tour 2017

Two new stops – no more competitions in Podersdorf, La Torche and Cold Hawaii

In nearly seven weeks, the PWA World Tour 2017 is going to start and the world’s best slalom racer will compete in the first official competition of the tour. The current world champion Matteo Iachino, Antoine Albeau, Ross Williams and co. will discover a new event spot. First the first time in the history of the PWA World Tour, a competition will take place in Marseille in the south of France. A spot, which offers perfect conditions during springtime. From there, the journey will continues to Korea and then to the “2017 Fly! Ana Windsurfing World Cup” in the Japanese harbor town Yokosuka. Despite the great conditions there were no competitions since the early 90s. Thanks to many sponsors, the fastest windsurfer can fight for the win in Japan. From the 23th of May, the “Canary” weeks will start at the Costa Brava (Slalom) on Gran Canary (Wave), Fuerteventura (Slalom/Freestyle) and on Tenerife.

From the south of Europe, the athletes will travel in the cold north to compete in Hvide Sande (Denmark) and on Sylt. The last event for the waverider will be warmer and take place on Maui. The slalom racer will finish their season in New Caledonia.

We are hoping, that the competitions will be as exciting as last year and we wish all riders an especially the German team good luck.

07. – 12. April:                   Slalom World Cup in Marseille (France)
03. – 08. May:                   Slalom World Cup in Ulsan (Korea)
11. – 16. May:                     Slalom World Cup Yokosuka (Japan)
23. – 28. May:                    Slalom World Cup Costa Brava (Spain)
09. – 15. July:                    Wave World Cup Gran Canaria (Spain)
21. – 31 July:                      Freestyle/Slalom World Cup Fuerteventura (Spain)
06. – 12. August:               Wave World Cup Teneriffa (Spain)
09. – 14 September:         Slalom World Cup Hvide Sande (Denemark)
29.09 – 08.10:                    Super Grand Slam Sylt (Germany)
29.10 – 12.11:                      Wave World Cup Maui (USA)
21. – 26.11:                          Slalom World Cup Nouméa (New Caledonia)