Philip Köster captivates the crowd in Westerland with his comeback

Philip Köster captivates the crowd in Westerland with his comeback

That’s what the visitors at the Mercedes-Benz Windsurf World Cup have been waiting for! On Monday, the three time world champion Philip Köster takes action at the wave competitions for the first time after five years and made it to the quarter final.

The 23 years old could win his comeback competition after a ten month injury in July 2018 and current leader of the PWA overall list. With awesome double loops and spectacular wave riding, he showed the crowd, why he is the world’s greatest right now.

“We had very thought conditions on the water and the waves on Sylt are unpredictable. Bin I am happy, that the wind is playing its role and that I could compete for the first time since 2012. The crowd made an awesome job a helped me a lot”, Köster said. To get his fourth title, he has to win two more competitions.

Besides Köster, the German athletes Alessio Stillrich, Klaas Voget and Moritz Mauch are also in the round of sixteen.

In the morning, the ladies opened up the wave spectacle and showed some stunning duels on the North Sea. Current world champion and first in the PWA overall ranking, won the first half of the competitions with a close victory against Sarah-Quita Offringa. With this success, the Iballa made a big step to becoming world champion. “It was a close final against Sarah-Quita and I am very happy that I could beat her. It’s always a special thing to stay on the highest step of the podium at the world’s biggest windsurf event. I want to defeat my title, but the second half could be very challenging.”, Iballa said.

After a loss against Daida Moreno, Lina Erpenstein from Hamburg ended up 4th: “I am very happy about my placement. The Moreno-twins are such a class apart. It’s no shame to lose against them. It was a lot of fun, but at the end it was getting really cold”. Steffi Wahl from Kiel and Caro Weber from Hamburg shared the 5th rank and completed the good result of the women.