The new windsurf world champions will be crowned on Sylt

The new windsurf world champions will be crowned on Sylt

From the 28th of September to the 7th of October, Westerland is going to be the center of the international windsurf scene. And in this year, all watersport fans will have even more reason to visit the island – The Mercedes-Benz Windsurf World Cup will be the last stop of the PWA World Tour and simultaneous the world championship final of all three disciplines, wave riding, freestyle and slalom.

The hopes of the German windsurf fans are resting on the 4th time wave world champion Philip Köster, who could made his 5th stroke in his birth country. “Sylt ist a very special thing for me. In 2011 I have become world champion on Sylt for the first time and in the last year, after my big injury, I had an awesome comeback and get my 4th title. For sure I will become world champion again in front of this stunning crowd in Sylt. That’s my biggest goal in 2018.” Köster said.

In the discipline freestyle, Gollito Estredo can win his 9th world championship title. The Venezuelan could make it to the top two years in a row and will be the defending champion and title favorite.

Same applies to the slalom racer Antoine Albeau. The 34 years old Frenchman and 24 time’s world champion wants to expand his big collection of titles at the coast of Sylt. Also the German racers aren’t without a chance. Vincent Langer from Kiel showed an impressive competition last year and became second on Sylt.

The 200.000 visitors, who find their way to Sylt, will see some epic duels and competitions, and the awarding of every world championship title the PWA World Tour offers.