blue life

Today we live in a global village. It is threatened by global warming. Our vision and commitment to this challenge will determine living conditions for our children, grandchildren and future generations. This is the most fundamental challenge in human history. We have quickly to act with effective solutions. Believing in a livable future is more than a dream, it is a commitment to our global village.

Dr. Arne Fjørtoft
Secretary General & Founder Worldview International Foundation,
In consultative status with the United Nations

Together for climate and coastal protection


blue life is a new climate protection platform developed in cooperation with the United Nations Environment Program. The Mercedes-Benz Windsurf World Cup Sylt will make its contribution to climate protection through the blue life initiative and through cooperation with Sylt companies and associations. Through unique sporting competitions and the opportunity to support the reforestation of the mangroves in Myanmar and the local coastal protection on Sylt by purchasing a certificate, all the fans of the Windsurf World Cup can contribute to the preservation of our nature and to climate protection.



Swap kilometers for Mangroves


The launch of blue life falls at the Mercedes-Benz Windsurf World Cup Sylt with a concept that has not yet existed in this connection.


ACT AGENCY will finance the planting of a mangrove at Thor Heyderdahl Climate Park in Myanmar for each participant and kilometer surfed in the disciplines Slalom and Foil. The largest windsurfing event in the world is expected to plant up to 7,000 mangroves. (Calculation basis: 120 participants / eight slalom / eight Foil races / approx. 400 km per race).


Mangroves are one of the most valuable plants in the world, as they miligate up to one ton of CO2 per tree and thus help counter the global warming. Even Sylt benefits from the planting of mangroves in Myanmar.


Mangroves are the most natural and sustainable tool for CO² compensation.



Everyone can help to raise the amount of planted mangroves

Be part of the blue life movement. Adopt a mangrove!

Together with the professional athletes, the visitors of the event and all remaining Sylt fans can actively participate in this action. At the event and with Sylter entrepreneurs a certificate can be purchased for 3 euros. Every buyer sponsors a mangrove and also supports the local coastal protection on Sylt. For each purchased certificate, a mangrove is planted in the exclusive blue life area in the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park Myanmar and a contribution goes to the Coastal Protection Foundation for insular coastal protection.


The design of the certificate was done in collaboration with the Sylter professional athlete and artist Sonni Hönscheid.



Our goal at the Windsurf World Cup

Our goal with this campaign is to plant 30,000 mangrove trees in Myanmar. This number of mangroves will be able to mitigate up to a max. of 30,000 tons of CO². This goal can only be reached with the support of athletes, Sylt entrepreneurs and associations and all Sylt fans. Furthermore, this  should show the importance to act local and global for the climate protection. The goals for climate protection can only be achieved together .


A coastal protection and mangrove info point informs about the action at the event area on the Brandenburger Strand. Here you can also buy the blue life certificates.

How many mangroves can be planted?


Every rider, every kilometer driven, every certificate sold counts! Every day, the number of mangroves that can be planted in the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park increases and the contribution to the Sylt Coastal Conservation. See the progress here daily.

We are very proud to let you know the result after 10 days Mercedes-Benz Windsurf World Cup Sylt :

8.000 Mangroves! Thanks your for your support.


1 leaf = 100 mangroves
Mangrove Planting Barometer - after Day 10 = 8.000 Mangroves

Adopt a mangrove

Protect our climate and coastlines



Buying a blue life certificate, lets you become the godfather of a mangrove tree and take part in coastal protection for the island of Sylt.


Climate change does not stop in front of Sylt either, so help us!


The mangrove tree is planted in Thor Heyerdahl Park / Myanmar. A mangrove tree miligates a maximum of 1 ton of CO² over its lifetime – up to 5 times as much as other plants on average.


The contribution for the coastal protection on Sylt goes to the Stiftung Küstenschutz Sylt.





The Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park

Mangroves are a gift of nature – they mitigate CO² and protect lifes.


Our blue life pilot project, is situated at Pathein University’s Research Centre in Ma Gyi in the Ayeyarawaddy Delta, at the edge of the Bay of Bengal. The park consists of a mangrove gene bank and a 1,800 acre large mangrove restoration park to mitigate 2.7 million tons of CO2 and serve as a protective shield for vulnerable coastal communities to save lives and property against extreme weather, in addition to creating sustainable development with alternative livelihoods and poverty reduction.


The park was initiated following research on mangrove restoration by Worldview International Foundation in 2012, in cooperation with Pathein University and Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry. The project is a model for mangrove restoration in Myanmar overcoming losses of 1 million Hectares since 1980. A comprehensive development model is being implemented based on biodiversity, combining large scale mangrove planting with wildlife protection, with dugongs and elephants being amongst the most endangered animals.


Our initial aim is to plant 100 million mangrove trees with more to be planted in larger parks. There is a potential to plant over 1 billion mangrove trees on available land in Myanmar. This will have a tangible impact on global and local development challenges.


When other countries follows, this pioneering venture can with your help become a milestone in human history.


Find more information about the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Parks here:

Climate change does not stop in front of Sylt

Sylt could soon be like the islands of the Pacific


Sylt could also be left to the North Sea. Slowly retreat to the mainland. Planning a holiday elsewhere. Or get involved: Coastal protection needs coastal protectors.


Waves splash over the Westerland Promenade, claw into the red cliff before Kampen, tug at the Hörnum-Odde, reach for the dikes: In every storm it is impressive to experience how the forces of wind and sea gnaw on the shores of the island.


Every storm that strikes over Germany’s most famous island is not only an impressive and frightening spectacle for Sylt and for the many friends of the island, but also a threat to the island and the coast of the mainland. Sylt is like a breakwater off the mainland.


Find more information about the Stiftung Küstenschutz here (only available in german):