About This Project

How much does the entrance costs?

The whole event, including all party and live acts are free of charge. You just need a valid guest ticket of Sylt (4,00€/ person for a daily ticket) to access the event area. You can get the ticket on every beach entrance.


Am I allowed to bring my own drinks to the event area?

Due to safety, bringing your own drinks is forbidden. Especially at the parties there will be intensive security checks. The event area offers you a lot of possibilities to satisfy your thirst and hunger.


Am I allowed to sleep in my car?

Unfortunately not! Sleeping in your car or camping is not allowed. We recommend to use the camping sides Sylt offers. More information about camping areas you will find here.


Are there possibilities to park my car and does it cost something?

There are a lot of public parking lots near the event area. Please consider any parking charge.


Are there possibilities for camping?

Yes, check out our list of accomodation & camping.


Can we lighting up a fire or having a barbecue at the beach?

No! Lighting up a fire or having a barbecue at the beach is absolutely forbidden!


Can I bring my dog to the event area?

Yes of course, but please make sure that your dog is on leash.


Where do I put my garbage?

You will find a lot of rubbish bins all over the event area.


Do you have a questions? Just send us an E-Mail: helfers@act-agency.com