About This Project


The supreme category of windsurfing. With wind up to 35 knots the surfers show spectacular jumps and unbelievable wave ridings. The wave contest will be run in a K.O. system. Jumps and wave rides count into the scoring.



Freestyle is a discipline which always reinvents itself and it’s hard to keep the overview of all tricks and moves. The judges value the grate of difficulty, and the accomplishment of the tricks. In one heat, two to four riders compete.



The slalom track is marked by buoys and set up according to wind direction. The rider with most power and a good estimation for the equipment and the weather conditions will have a good chance to win.



In 2016 we celebrated the premiere of the category foil. The special foil board has a sword-like extension under the board. With sufficient speed the board will take-off the water and the rider just surfs on the extension.